DJI Mavic 3: most powerful drone collection

DJI Mavic 3 Introduction

The Mavic 3 is the most dazzling and powerful Mavic collection drone up to now way with a twin digital camera with separate sensors and lenses performing exclusive capabilities. the principle camera is by far the most astonishing, and certainly most critical, with a 20 MP 4 Thirds CMOS sensor and adjustable f/2.8-f/11 aperture inside the 24mm equivalent lens that produces great photographs pleasantly.

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The Mavic 3 is the most dazzling and powerful Mavic collection drone


  • Imaging Above Everything – With a 4/3 CMOS Hasselblad Camera, the sensor provides a 12.8-stop dynamic range that retains more details in highlights and shadows, upgrading your work to a professional level.
  • Fly Safer – DJI Mavic 3 drone with camera is equipped with advanced Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing. This lets you fly confidently and safely wherever you are.
  • 46 Minutes of Flight Time – Stay in the air longer and capture more with a breathtaking max flight time of 46 minutes. This lets you get all the shots you want on just a single battery.
  • Explore and Capture more – the DJI Mavic 3 drone offers a 15-kilometer max transmission range, which means you can fly farther to explore and capture more. And with the O3 Plus Transmission system, live feeds are smooth and stable.
  • Smart Return to Home – With a new Advanced RTH system, Mavic 3 camera drone can return to its home point on a fast, safe, and optimized route. Whether activated by a low battery or the pilot, getting the quadcopter drone back to you during flight is easier than ever.

Worthwhile Upgrades

The Mavic 3 is slightly large than the Mavic 2, however, it’s also a chunk lighter (eight grams lighter in the case of the standard model), The propellers are longer as well, and so are the five,000-mAh batteries. in case you’re upgrading, lamentably, none of your Mavic 2 batteries will work with the Mavic three, The batteries additionally now slide into the back in place of the top like in the Mavic 2, The changes to the battery are really worth it even though because of the larger ability manner the Mavic three can stay aloft for quite a while.

Flight time relies upon too many variables to present a single number, but flying in everyday mode—capturing 4K video at 30 fps—I used to be capable of staying in flight for simply over a half-hour. reducing lower back on capturing, I was able to get to forty-one mins, which may be very close to DJI’s 46-minute declare and almost 15 mins longer than DJI’s Air 2S (9/10 stressed Recommends), which stays our pinnacle choice for most people.

along with the mild frame design adjustments, DJI has substantially stepped forward the obstacle avoidance system with six fisheye sensors and two extensive-attitude sensors that upload up to 360-degree obstacle avoidance that even works in everyday mode. The Air 2S has similar talents, even though its avoidance cameras have a few gaps the Mavic 3 does now not suffer from.

Photo and Video

DJI labored with Swedish camera maker Hasselblad to create a custom L2D-20c digicam for the Mavic 3 collection. positioned on the lowest, the principal digital camera features a 20MP, four-Thirds CMOS sensor that has a 24mm (Equiv.) lens with 84º FOV and variable F2.eight-eleven aperture. it could shoot nonetheless photographs in 12-bit uncooked format. The entire dual-digicam device is located on a three-axis mechanical gimbal.

the principal digital camera features a 20MP, four-Thirds CMOS sensor

directly above is a camera that capabilities a 12MP, half” CMOS sensor. entering explore mode, through clicking the binocular icon in image mode lets in you can activate this option. the primary camera gives up 1-4X digital zoom.

The hybrid zoom switches to the tele lens that is able to 7-28X digital zoom. A 162mm Hybrid Zoom (virtual + optical) telephoto lens, 15º FOV, and fixed aperture of f/4.4 can hone in on a topic as much as 28X. just like how Apple’s iPhone operates, as you zoom in on a topic, it’s going to transfer cameras – growing an optical zoom impact.

Till the Mavic 3 collection, having a digicam with a 4 Thirds CMOS sensor positioned on a drone intended buying a greater pricey, and notably bulkier, DJI inspires and one at a time acquiring a Zenmuse X5 camera to mount at the drone’s gimbal, the digicam on the Mavic 3 also includes Hasselblad’s HCNS era which offers up stronger coloration accuracy.

The same old Mavic three lets you record video at resolutions up to five.1K/50p, DCI or UHD 4K/120p, and 1080/200p at one hundred forty Mbps with H.265 and two hundred Mbps with the H.264 codec, the Cine version, which we examined, consists of Apple’s ProRes 422 HQ codec.

Besides the specifications previously referred to, it may file 4K/120p at 3772 Mbps (the latter resolution turned into no longer to be had yet to check). those video specifications are a great upgrade from the Mavic 2 pro’s 4K/30p at one hundred Mbps and the Air 2S’ 5.4K/30p at 150 Mbps.

The fundamental Mavic three gives you 8GB of inner storage and can capture up to 1 billion shades whilst recording in a ten-bit D-Log shade profile. Cine model capabilities a 1TB SSD because it additionally offers up the larger documents the usage of Apple’s ProRes 422 HQ codec. both versions of the drone can use the entire width in their five.1K sensors. The housing in this twin digicam device is lightweight and extra perfect for its typical size. As noted within the advent, the Mavic 2 pro had problems with pixel binning and line-skipping, and there is no indication of this trouble with the Mavic 3 drones.

The DJI Fly app and flight modes

The Mavic 3 series makes use of the DJI Fly app, which also powers the Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, and Air 2S. First brought in November 2019 with the Mavic Mini, the pared-down, intuitive interface showcases all of the photograph modes on the same display screen. when switching out of vehicle mode and into the manual, or seasoned mode, the bottom-right-hand corner gives you sliders that assist you to modify white stability, ISO, shutter pace, aperture, and choose JPEG or uncooked+JPEG imagery. resolution may be adjusted as soon as the ‘Video’ alternative is activated.

3 dots within the pinnacle nook come up with extra distinct options which include deciding on D-Log, video format, image size, and layout, and if you need to break in the front of or skip boundaries.

It permits you to set peak and distance limits and pick Metric or Imperial devices. you could additionally activate AirSense, a function that warns far-off pilots of manned aircraft nearby.

Master shots, which became added with the Air 2S, are also covered at the Mavic three.

It robotically creates ‘export-grade’ footage that is equipped to share on social media channels by means of honestly selecting a few parameters, such as proximity and portrait or panorama orientation.

It then flies autonomously and captures a spread of shots that are then stitched together, in the app. you could then choose a soundtrack to feature instantly.

master shots changed into now not but available to check at the Mavic 3 Cine at the time of this writing, however, we’re going to be updating this overview as soon as feasible.

DJI has prepared the Mavic 3 with ActiveTrack five. zero for accelerated accuracy in monitoring subjects for the duration of computerized flights.

this is distinct in that it lets the drone move with the situation. So, you may set it up and pass mountain biking, as an example, and the drone will observe your movements.

If the challenge disappears from the frame, DJI says the drone’s imaginative and prescient sensors will music motion and intelligently relocate it. the same old QuickShots, which include Dronie, Circle, Helix, Rocket Asteroid, and Boomerang are protected.

None of the capabilities referred to in this paragraph are available to check on the Mavic 3 but once more, we are able to update this assessment as soon as we will.

master shots were made with the casual consumer and beginner pilot in mind.

This isn’t always probable to be something a professional with getting entry to Adobe highest quality pro, very last reduce seasoned, or similar software may be interested in the use of, that’s why it is puzzling that that is protected with the Mavic 3 collection.

DJI is likewise introducing a QuickTransfer characteristic that lets users transmit content material from the far-flung to a cellular device, through a wireless 6 protocol, for fast enhancement.

This looks like something an influencer or informal customer, in preference to an expert, might experience and use frequently.

Additional Features

DJI Waypoint 3.0, ActiveTrack, and MasterShots technology
Still Photo Modes: Single shot, automatic exposure bracketing, and timed photos (up to 60 seconds)
RC-N1 remote controller included (supports up to OcuSync 2.0)
Support for OcuSync 3+ video transmission
Level 5 wind resistance (up to 26.8 mph)
8GB of internal storage capacity
microSD card slot supports up to 2TB cards
Up to 47 mph flight speed

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Up to 47 mph flight speed
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  • Price: 5 stars
  • Features: 4.6 stars
  • Support: 3.9 stars
  • Quality: 4.7 Stars
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